Online AEM-Cube Platform

Human Insight is proud to introduce the online AEM-Cube platform, allowing certified partners to easily and independently create AEM-Cube self-images, 360 questionnaires, and team images. Once filled in, the reports can be downloaded, sent out and compiled into team images to provide consultants with all the materials needed to run successful workshops. 

All you need to do is register at and send us an e-mail asking to be granted consultant access. After this, you can create AEM-Cube questionnaires and send them out via the system, and monitor the process of report creation. The whole process is designed with ease of use in mind and only takes a few minutes.

Project management is simple and straightforward, allowing you to keep track of which participants have registered and how far they are in filling in their questionnaires. Once completed, you can download the reports and if necessary send them out to participants. You can also create your own team images by selecting the names you’d like to visualise.

Registering on the platform is free of cost. For the self-image questionnaires and 360 questionnaires the standard prices are calculated, compiling team images is always free. Billing will be done at the end of the month based on completed questionnaires (questionnaires that you create but which aren't redeemed will not be charged).

Generating reports and team images on the spot has never been this easy.

Additionally, for a small fee we can white-label the platform for your own company. This will take 1 day to arrange and it will give your customers or your employees the look and feel of your own website, with your own branding, your own url and your own logo on the reports. Also, you’ll get additional priority support with the platform should you have any questions. Please contact us for price information and to discuss the practical next steps.  

Human Insight AEM-Cube Platform for Semco Style Institute

Human Insight AEM-Cube Platform for Semco Style Institute

Human Insight AEM-Cube platform in the look and feel of our partner Flexian 

If you’re interested in using either platform configuration, we’d be very happy to come over or invite you to our new office in The Hague to explain the details and answer any questions you might have.

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