Semco Style Institute and Human Insight

Collaboration Semco Style Institute & Human Insight

We are delighted to join forces with the Semco Style Institute, which is based on the thought leadership of Ricardo Semler. Human Insight and the Semco Style Institute have researched the possibilities of working together and have found that there is a solid base to join forces. 

Research and possibilities

Based on the model of Ricardo Semler, Human Insight found that the tools AEM-Cube and ACT-Cube help to gather data around the pillars of extreme stakeholder management (ACT-Cube) and self-steering teams (AEM-Cube).  At Human Insight we are working together with Semco to research, analyse and help organizations to take the next step in "freeing" companies from their bureaucratic restraints and discover how to successfully manage the growth curve of organizations, and their people.  

This entails that Semco has chosen for Human Insight to be their preferred supplier in analysing and gathering important data via the use of the Human Insight tool suite to help organization shape their future. We will equip Semco Style certified consultants with the possibility to deploy the Human Insight tooling during customer workshops, masterclasses, and other activities. 

If you would like to know more about the Semco Style Institute, please click here to go to their website. Click here to visit their events page.


Ricardo Semler explains why it was time to share the knowledge and insights that are the foundation of the Semco Style Institute through his new company.

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