Looking Back at our Practitioner Workshop

Thanks to our Human Insight partners the practitioner workshop was a great success. We had the unique opportunity to have three guest speakers; Luuk Willems from Semco Style Institute, Mark Boerman presenting an interesting business case of a Dutch organization, and Ron Soonieus presenting his finding of the AEM-Cube research in the cultural sector. 

Together with our partners we got great feedback on how to position the tools, where the tools fit well and in what manner we can help organizations on a broader scale. Two words stand out from one of our Parters Transitiefocus. 
“We help organizations to be resilient to change and react agile to external factors. Helping organisations and the people who run them to manage their growth phase and be prepared for the next step.” 

A nice summary of what we can do for organisations in order to create long term value and healthy ecosystems. 

At the end of our practitioner workshop we asked Marcel van Raad from Wine-in-Person to end our interesting day with a bang. Marcel took us on a inspirational journey whereby he combined the type of wine to the model of Human Insight: Growth-Curve and AEM-Cube. A nice way to end an invigorating day with a little bit of fun. 


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