AEM-Cube research published in Harvard Business Review

Teams Solve Problems Faster When They’re More Cognitively Diverse

Interesting research done by David Lewis and Alison Reynolds based team performance has been published by Harvard Business Review. With the use of the AEM-Cube (online assessment developed by Human Insight) for data gathering purposes Lewis & Reynolds found that strategic diversity in teams matter when looking at performance. Take a look at the interesting data below.  

Cognitive Diversity

Managing for performance

Below you can find an overview of the AEM-Cube data whereby self-images of mangers are compared with feedback-images of key personnel about their manager. Interesting to see how managers are being perceived in day-to-day operations vs. there natural self-image of where they see them selves contribute to novel situations. 

Cognitive Diversity of a group managers

Read the complete article on Harvard Business Review online and click here or download the article as PDF. 

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