Inspiration seminar Agile Organisations a great success

Together with the Semco Style Institute, Human Insight organised an interesting inspiration seminar on May 16th. During this day we talked about the interesting challenges that organisations face when adapting to change. Arko van Brakel, Chief Inspiration Officer at Semco Style, kicked the day of with an interesting view of what's happening on a broader international scale. Organisations facing tough decisions to onboard new talented people and how to deal with startups disrupting business models, but also putting the existing business model under pressure. With this broad topic in mind the emphasis shifted to how organisations "manage their organizational life-cycle", and tot that fact, how do organisations manage multiple product life-cycles? Thus, the link to Peter Robertson was made regarding his methodology and model around how people contribute to Growth-Curves. A subject Peter Robertson has researched in depth and has even published a paper around this topic, which can be downloaded here.

The unique thing about Peter Robertson's research is that he found that people contribute to a unique part of organizational life cycles. Something that the majority of the participants found out already by having done the AEM-Cube assessment: visualising where do you contribute to Growth-Curves.

Agile Organisation Event

The inspiration seminar also offered our visitors the option to follow a break-out session lead by our visiting speakers: 

  1. Moral leadership presented by Marc Boele en Pieter Jil Pluimert
  2. Transparency within your organisation by John Sas
  3. What are the boarders of a self-steering organisation by Egbert de Geus
Agile Organisation Event
Agile Organisation Event 3

Conclusions of the day

It takes a hell of lot of work for an organisation to stay agile. Agile is not something that fits in a easy to roll out work method, it encompasses a multitude of soft- and hard control factors that influence day-to-day operations of an organisation. For example, organisational culture, are the right people doing the right thing, leadership styles, trust of employees in management et cetera. 

However, event attendees unanimously agreed that it starts with the people within your organisation. Empowering your people to manage their own Growth-Curve and that of the organisational context in which they find themselves.

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