The Collaboration Challenge

Improving organisational- and team performance

In our increasingly interdependent world, organisational performance can no longer be attributed to talented individual leaders. Diversity of thought and the quality of interaction are key to making effective decisions. The Collaboration Challenge brings together the Collaboration Game and AEM- / ACT-Cube to create a simulated environment in which behaviour and performance can be assessed and improved.

The following video illustrates the Collaboration Game being used in a conference setting in which groups represented the business units and functions of a typical large organisation. In playing the game, they had to overcome competing priorities, make trade off decisions and collectively resolve scenarios. They also had to balance the need to deliver their own growth targets whilst not underming the overall growth of the broader business. The game has now been played by over 150 organisations and is incorporated in senior level programmes at London Business School, Ashridge, CCL and AGSM in Australia.

The Collaboration Game simulates the complex interdependencies of a typical organisation. Combined with the AEM- or ACT-Cube, the Collaboration Challenge allows participants to experience how greater diversity and better dialogue can lead to superior performance. As a result, participants identify specific behaviour changes for themselves, actions for their teams and changes for how they collaborate across their organisations. 

Workshop elements

The workshop takes place over 1 day in two variants, one focused on team performance using the AEM Cube and the other on organisational performance using the ACT Cube.

The Collaboration Challenge is played with teams of 6 to 8 people and we facilitate groups up to 50 participants per session. The game can be tailored to suit organisational needs, combining useful personal insights with functional actions ready to be incorporated the next day. 

Would you like to know more what the Collaboration Challenge can do for you, your team and your organisation? Please feel free to contact us, or let us call you back. 

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Collaboration Challenge
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