Build a high performing team to grow your company 

At Human Insight we have put two decades of consulting work into a set of practical tools that help you as an entrepreneur manage the growth of your organisation. Our focus is to help you as an entrepreneur to build a performing team around you to create an organisational culture of execution. With the Human Insight tools you can identify the right person, identify the right task for them and thus create the right team around you. 

To be a real entrepreneur you always have to be looking forward. The moment you rest on your laurels is the moment your competition overtakes you.
— Sir Richard Branson


Management leadership qualities 

Management leadership qualities 

Investigate the leadership qualities of management and within your organisation. 

Team performance

Team composition, strategic diversity and alignment

Team composition, strategic diversity and alignment

Aligning talent and team performance among your personnel. 

managing GROWTH

Are the right people in the right seats?

Are the right people in the right seats?

Let your people excel and create a performance culture within your organisation.

Management Team Scan and Strategy Execution

Leading a management team is hard work. And, it can be difficult to strike the right balance between encouraging top performance and overwhelming team members with impossible goals. Your success as a CEO/Entrepreneur hinges on your team's ability to perform well, but it can often feel like managing performance is out of your control. The quality and skills of your management team members becomes a tangible factor when realising and executing your chosen strategy.

What can you expect from the Management Scan:

  • Which opportunities and challenges do you face with this team in order to execute
  • Discover what leadership style your management team prefers and fits with your organization
  • Set the right tone for an environment of excellence
  • Setting up a process to support success

Mapping Organisational Performance

Successful entrepreneurs lead by example. Your employees might be accountable to you in terms of turning results around, but you have a responsibility to help support them in achieving their goal. Managing organisational performance is a "must have" for developing strategy and good business habits. If your team is chronically underperforming, it's possible that your team is not aligned optimally. Human Insight will help you to align the team and your value chain. 

What can you expect from our Organizational Performance mapping:

  • Which growth phase does your company find itself
  • Leveraging your team for top performance
  • Establish a culture where high goals are clearly articulated and meeting them is expected