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Executive Presence Inspiration Trip - USA

Inspiration trip for executives - powered by Top Executive Care & Human Insight

Human Insight and Top Executive Care are inviting you to join us on an inspiring and insightful journey to Silicon Valley from September 29th to October 6th.

What's in it for you?
The Executive Presence inspiration trip offers you the following:

  • Develop leadership skills and insights in the California sun
  • Gain insights in how the biggest companies in the world approach innovation and deal with transformation and disruptions.
  • Learn practical tools to optimise your verbal and non-verbal communication, to clearly communicate your ideas and visions and to develop traction with your audience.
  • Discover your natural leadership- and communication style and develop these to their fullest potential.
  • Learn the value of authenticity in communicating and presenting ideas and develop the skills necessary to create and tell truly authentic stories.
  • Enjoy deep, meaningful discussions and exchange ideas, visions and opportunities with our esteemed and experienced partners in one of the most inspiring environments on the planet.

"The workshop is designed to give you the understanding and tools to significantly improve your presence as a leader. We want you to be able to ‘own the room’ when you talk and when you listen. We want you to be able to make a strong human connection. We are aiming to develop the ability to be clear, authentic, memorable, likable, and compelling."
Bob Sadler, Executive Presence

For further details, such as the complete program, please refer to the special Executive Presence page and the brochure below. Feel free to reach out to us but don’t hesitate too long, as we only have room for 12 participants.

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