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Leadership Development and Transformation - NL

  • Human Insight - Spaces Zuid Hollandlaan 7 Den Haag, ZH, 2596 Netherlands (map)

As our customer engagements grow, so do the questions around topics such as leadership development, help in guiding organizations in transition and what the AEM-Cube can do to help guide organization development. 
Human Insight has researched different customer engagements and has come to the conclusion that leading in a changing environment by empowering others (business units, project teams, individuals) to excel and succeed was one of the most valued and important drivers to ensure performance and the ownership of the transformation. However, we noticed when engaging with companies is that the identification of their leader's attributes and competencies played a key role in the successful completion and implementation of change. Constructing a solid framework for leadership development is the much needed answer to achieve organizational success and ensure performance. 
In this context, Human Insight was asked to deliver and create a practical training course for people who want to lead and deal with change, develop people and create a culture of high performance. The question that we were asked was:
“It is the senior leadership's responsibility to invest, develop and grow organizational leaders. This will ensure that our leaders are equipped to inspire, motivate and engage the workforce. Can you help us equip our leaders and give them practical advice and insights how to utilize and get the most out of the AEM-Cube to help us with these challenges” 
We would like to share our insights with you and extend an invitation to join us to learn more about our leadership program. 

What will you learn during the 2-day compact workshop?

  • AEM-Cube contributions from the Leadership perspective
  • Ethical, professional and practical use of the AEM-cube
  • Key training and experience in creating high performing teams
  • Insight into developing, retaining and attracting Talent and using their potential
  • Target setting, mentoring and coaching the team with practice
  • Team-building exercises to take home
  • How to lead everyone, including yourself and in times of change
  • Discover how to use the full contribution and creativity of the team
  • Have everyone performing in their performance areas


Date: Wednesday 10 October and Thursday 11 October

Location: Human Insight, Zuid Hollandlaan 7, Den Haag, The Netherlands

Price: 2,000 Pounds Sterling or €2,000 per person


We look forward to seeing you.