Quality of Interaction: QI Index

The Qi Index is a leading indicator of an organisations adaptability. It provides a path to creating a more adaptable organisation through enhancing the Quality of interaction between people. 

The Qi Index has been developed over a number of years of practice and research.  It demonstrates that how people interact has a massive impact on:

  • the extent of and quality of individual contributions
  • people’s confidence in responding to future threats and opportunities i.e ability to adapt.

For whom?

The Qi Index has helped organisations that are transitioning their business due to external market factors and have the ambition to direct and steer their company in a different direction. 

Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at 15.33.54.png

What does The Qi INdex do:

It provides a snap shot of your organisation’s adaptability and quality of interaction.

The outcome of the Qi index tells you the specific behaviours that need to be strengthened and eliminated in your organisation in order to maximise your adaptability and performance.